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Process Management

Controlling processes within the logistics is crucial if you want to achieve the best efficiency and improve your customer satisfaction. How can you work more cost effective and achieve shorter lead times?

The BRICKLOG Company helps you with these issues.

Tender Management

The launch of a Tender is not only looking for a party with the lowest price. There are many circumstances that one should consider, like reliability and service levels. Further, the lead time and intensity of a logistic tender is something many companies misjudge. Therefore, it is important to know in advance what the goal of the Tender should be. If you are satisfied with your current service provider (s) and you want to know if your purchase and service level are competitive, it is better to perform a Benchmark. BRICKLOG has here the tools and data to carry out this quickly and efficiently. If the outcome indicates that there is a significant improvement possible then Tendering is a good option.

If you decide to go for a Tender you have found the right partner with BRICKLOG. We take care of the time-consuming tender process and ensure that you are offered all the data and analysis on a platter. We will take care of the process from the scope through to the implementation. In general we even evaluate after three months the startup with you and the logistics service provider(s).

Freight Benchmark

By means of a Benchmark, BRICKLOG can relatively quickly and easily visualize your position in freight costs compared to similar companies. A benchmark gives you a good negotiating position with your current logistics service and a good starting point for a possible follow-up with a tender.

Supply Chain Optimization

The goal of our optimization activities is to create stable and efficient supply chain and distribution processes. With the help of optimization software and a strong project management we are able to optimize your existing supply chain in a transparent manner which reduces complexity and increases reliability.

The demands of the market regarding delivery times, cost, inventory and service levels are the basis for your supply chain strategy. We try to create the right balance between the two contradictions in the supply chain: flexibility and cost efficiency.
BRICKLOG helps you design and implement an end-to-end supply chain that meets your specific needs and those of your industry and customers, thereby naturally a positive financial contribution to your P & L.

Interim & Projectmanagement

System implementations, changes of processes or if important key positions can not be filled quickly enough, an external interim manager or project manager can be an outcome. Besides consulting experts we provide operational professionals who can support you in your daily business.

The main advantages of an interim manager is that he is temporarily present, can be deployed rapidly and has a multi company experience.

In particular, in changing processes it is to be recommended to deploy an external interim manager as it has no history with the company and may therefore be independent. External expertise also provides a fresh and professional boost to your project.

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