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Human Capital as an investment

BRICKPRO PROfessional in logistics

We bring professionals and our customers together.

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For us it is not about the quantity of the matches between companies and professionals but the quality. We mainly focus on management and executive positions on a permanent or interim basis.

Your people determine how successful your organization is. Their knowledge and experience are important, but more important is their personality. The personality determines how he / she will use the acquired knowledge and experience. someone’s personality is a constant factor which is hard to change..

We prefer to recruit within our own network of Supply Chain and Logistics Professionals who we often know in person. Therefore we always find candidates of a higher level for you and are we able to switch quickly.

Because we know our candidates we already know in advance if the candidate fits within your organization.

If for whatever reason, the question remains whether the candidate fits your business, we offer the possibility of an assessment.

We see an assessment also as a strong development tool. You immediately understand what is one’s strength and where possibly some extra attention is required.

In our recruitment and selection process, we work closely with Heiwegen Consultancy, which has proved itself within the Automotive Industry since 1992. We are also very pleased to be able to use the professional and comprehensive back-office and assessment center of Heiwegen Consultancy.

Interim Management and Projectmanagement

System implementations, changes of processes or if important key positions can not be filled quickly enough, an external interim manager or project manager can be an outcome. Besides consulting experts we provide operational professionals who can support you in your daily business.

The main advantages of an interim manager is that he is temporarily present, can be deployed rapidly and has a multi company experience.

In particular, in changing processes it is to be recommended to deploy an external interim manager as it has no history with the company and may therefore be independent. External expertise also provides a fresh and professional boost to your project.

Training, Coaching and Personal Development

Human Resource is not an easy job in a changing and growing market.

Employees are open for new challenges, opportunities and new employers.

Would’t it be great to offer you own employees these challenges and opportunities.

A common argument is that it is an expensive and time consuming process. But so is recruitment.

We can help you develop your employees so they are ready for the next step in their career, or even make a career change. Think of the added value of this person when he/she gets these opportunities.

And as a Co-Driver we might come to the conclusion that with some changes in the process or organisation you need a complete different person of that you can manage the work with the people you already have.

Of course we can help you in these process by training, coaching anf necessary the implementation of process changes.

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